Red Dojo Master Jacket

Red Dojo Master Jacket

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The Classic Souvenir Jacket Silhouette gets ELEVATED.  This is the NEW Team Jacket.  Bringing back the loyalty of the 80's, the flash of the 90's, the luxury of the '00's, and the minimalism of the '10's.  

  • Full Red Satin Exterior
  • Full Flamingo Silk Lining
  • Complex Fill Embroidery Technique 
  • 4 inch PRSVR logo on left breast
  • 11 inch tonal PRSVR Axiom Cycle Emblem on back
  • Axiom Cycle showcasing the 5 Fundamentals of Perseverance:
  • Clean of all hardware 
  • Double wrapped Red and White Contrast Ribbing at Neck, Wrists, and Hem.
  • Fits True to Size.
  • Limited Quantities Available


Emblem: An allegorical picture usually inscribed with a verse or motto presenting a moral lesson.

Axiom:  A self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument