A Story of Perseverance

Sometimes the Destination is not as valuable as the Journey. PRSVR, which represents the fundamentals of Passion Resilience Sacrifice Values Respect, has created a Heritage in dressing defining moments for unique people.  Innate entrepreneurs, Brandon and Margaret Williamson sacrificed their 401k earnings (and wedding fund!) to launch what would become the starting grounds for so many creative stories today.
prsvr michigan ave 
The self proven Designer Brand manages to translate new shapes, colorways, and silhouettes into designs that are truly wearable.  PRSVR also maintains the exclusivity of true designer brands by making every release Direct and Small Batch.
By focusing on unique items, PRSVR has been the secret of many favorite fashion moments of the past 8 years. With brick and mortar experiences set in Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, LA, and now Burbank, in person interaction has been a focus of the brand since day one.
brandon and margaret williamson
Family owned and operated since 2012, PRSVR has partnered with McDonalds, The Recording Academy, Upscale Hype, The Hollywood Reporter, and many more, which has allowed for the brand to continue to elevate the culture, and their views on Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy.
PRSVR Designer Brandon Williamson
Under the vision of Designer Brandon Williamson, PRSVR is "designed 'for people with somewhere to be' he jokes as he ponders what he hopes his vision portrays.."Independent thought..independent decisions. Our ability to tell what we think the future is, and to see others agree. We, as designers are helping tell stories that haven't been constructed yet at the time we design them, and for some people we really nail it. That is our 'Genius Thing' at work."
PRSVR Chicago 
PRSVR is a digitally native brand, but has always had a strong position within retail. "We knew that in order for people to accept us as a Luxury House, we would need to create a culture that allowed you to feel safe at the price point. There were several layers to how we were able to present an elevated standard. The genius thing we did, was we persevered, hence the namesake." says Designer CEO Margaret Williamson.
PRSVR CEO Margaret Williamson
 A former executive in Corporate America, Margaret has brought on new meaning to the term CEO, by properly positioning the brand to navigate the changing environment and trends. Margaret has created the vision and the plans that bring Brandon's designs forward. The result is a unique perspective on clothes that you actually want to wear.  Before marrying and launching PRSVR, each owner individually trained with Fortune 50 companies.  PRSVR translated that experience into a boutique brand that secretly services the Entertainment Elite while raising a family and a brand.
The PRSVR Family
Notable PRSVR Moments
Mieka Blackman Reese wearing PRSVR Valley Denim
Pam Blackman wearing the PRSVR Presii Rolex Hat
Stevie Mackey wearing the PRSVR Hollywood Biker Jacket