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LA Designers use connections to protect CA residents
Release provided by Margaret Williamson
Immediate Release |April 6| 2020

--Los Angeles, CA; Designer Brand ​PRSVR​ ​has negotiated a deal to import over 1 million masks to the state of California during the month of April. “We have created a new division ​(​PRSVR Safety​) ​that will provide ​Personal Safety Equipment ​to civilians and essential workers here in California, and around the country. Having negotiated this new deal, we can officially provide Americans with the security needed going forward.” ~​Johan Senlay​ ​Sales Director

Brandon Williamson, Founder of PRSVR, has been an expert in Sourcing and Manufacturing for over 15 years. The trust built with international manufacturing partners has allowed for this aid to be expedited and completed. The celebrity fashion brand will now be providing essential items, including the newly FDA Approved KN95 Masks​, suitable for Essential Workers. Additional items available also include Safety Glasses, Latex Gloves, and Disposable 3PLY masks for civilians daily use.

“We have friends and clients working on the front lines, and some aren’t being provided the proper protection to work in these conditions. If making a few adjustments to our business means we can add to a scarce supply, then we are excited to adjust. Americans are all being told that they need to protect themselves, yet we are unable to find the items to buy from home, or find out that they aren’t able to be shipped. PRSVR is glad that our business is able to assist,” says ​Brandon Williamson ​Creative Genius.

In addition to negotiating the supply of Safety Needs for California, ​The Designer Brand​ has partnered with community leader Eugene Henley and his ​Developing Options​ ​Organization​ to provide resources and development aid for communities in need. PRSVR will donate thousands of necessities from our new ​PRSVR SAFETY ​imprint for adults and children, along with a 20% cash donation from each PRSVR Clothing sale made during this time.

To learn more about how ​PRSVR SAFETY ​can supply your family, or business, please contact Margaret Williamsom at ​818.984.5355, ​or email at​.
Founded in 2012, PRSVR made its name as a Black Owned Luxury Clothier. Currently based in Los Angeles, PRSVR manufactures clothing, footwear, and accessories through their HOMME Network of family owned factories around the world. Brandon Williamson, founder and designer of PRSVR, leveraged his 15 year Global Sourcing and Manufacturing experience to create a Direct-to-Client Designer Brand. The trust built with manufacturers around the world has allowed for an expedited transition during the pandemic. PRSVR Safety will be providing essential items, including the newly FDA Approved KN95 Masks for Essential Workers. To utilize the HOMME Network, please contact​.