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PRSVR is a Luxury Inspired Brand for Independent Creators.

Made for Him, Her, and Baby... a lifestyle brand for today's elevated family.



PRSVR is an elevated lifestyle experience. Creating the new uniform for those who follow their passions, write their own rules, and fearlessly persevere.

With capabilities to outfit the whole family, PRSVR designs from an elevated space centered on the use of luxury materials, one of a kind patterns, an attention to detail, and the combination of function and comfort.  PRSVR has become a staple brand for today's athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. 

Mission: To Elevate, Enhance, and Educate through Fashion and Philanthropy. 

Vision: To change the world.

Fundamentals: Passion. Resilience. Sacrifice. Values. Respect. #PRSVR


The PRSVR Family:

The PRSVR family is truly a breathing organization. Based around blood, but truly connected by passion ...and fashion. 

Each member contributes to the overall PRSVR movement, and we could not be what we are without any individual contribution. We are led by our Mission to Elevate, Enhance, and Educate through fashion and philanthropy.  We reflect the Fundamentals of Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect. We will PeRSeVeRe. 

 Brandon Williamson, Designer, CEO, Husband, Father

 Brandon Williamson is officially the Designer and CEO of PRSVR. He is unofficially the Operations Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Creative Director, Janitor, and Father. While there is no official Fashion training in his background, Brandon has been able to self-teach everything from App Development [he created SoleSearch] to Cordwaining. He spent his 20's researching, learning, and traveling the globe in order to refine his vision of PRSVR. 

 After several mistakes and personnel changes, Brandon found himself forced to take over the creative responsibilities. Fortunately, his premiere collection in Fall 2012 catapulted PRSVR to the forefront of the Streetwear and Fashion Scene. "It was so hard to trust my own vision. I had never actually sold one of my designs before. Luckily Margaret believed in me, and we just put it all out there. We had no idea what we were doing, but luckily God did!" says the designer. 

Now, we have all seen PRSVR on countless Entertainers, Athletes, and Influenecers. And Brandon is personally recognized as a Rolling Out "Style Icon", and Lyft "Curator of the Summer", and a member of the Deleon "Top 100" with Diddy. 

Brandon spends his time with his family, and that includes PRSVR. He has a deep desire to change the world by showing that you truly can write your own rules and persevere your way to success. Connect with him personally @theeambassador on IG. 

Margaret Williamson, Managing Partner, Wife, Mother

 The lone woman in the PRSVR family, Margaret Williamson focuses primarily on the sales side of the business. She has a B.S. in Marketing and International Studies from The Kelley School of Business, and her MBA in Business Management.  Her innate restlessness and opposition to authority figures, took her out of the corporate world and led her down the path of entrepreneurship. She found her calling in front of the camera, and was soon the  "face" of several high profile companies in the Midwest. 

 While hosting her own radio show, she met and fell in love with Brandon AND his vision of PRSVR. Within six months, the two were married and ready to launch the brand using their wedding money and the remainder of her 401k. 

 Margaret is a quintessential Libra; bringing balance to the male-focused brand, and making every client feel like a VIP. As a true Mompreneur with two young sons, Margaret can usually be found at the PRSVR flagship store in Chicago with a baby in one hand and her phone in the other. Be sure to get to know her better via @mrsprsvr on IG and Snapchat. 


Brandon Williamson, II (aka B2), PRSVR Kids Creative Director, Brother, Son

The true star of the show, B2 [Brandon Williamson, II], is the heart and energy of PRSVR. Many clients stop by the store in hopes of catching B2 rolling around on his hover board or practicing his ninja fighting skills. 

At just 3 years old, B2 has already collected stamps on his passport from Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. His a regular at the industry trade shows and fashion weeks around the country. The PRSVR Kids line is clearly inspired by him and his "you can't be too (B2) cool" attitude.

Find him on IG @b2_by_prsvr and be sure not to miss his next Day Party with #theB2crew!! 


Brave Williamson, The Boss, Brother, Son

Brave Williamson, is the youngest member of the PRSVR family, and represents for the little ones out there. With the addition of Baby Brave in June 2016, PRSVR launched its first foray into Infant clothing with the Cadet Suit. Of course he had to model his new design, and his easy smile and quick laugh made this piece fly off the shelves. Brave now works as the official tester of new PRSVR products...making sure they are truly functional! 

Catch him most days as the greeter in the PRSVR Atlanta Flagship location, and connect with him on IG @littlebravehearts. 

To have any or all of the PRSVR family appear or speak at your event, simply Contact Us. We would be honored to share our journey and help others jump over the hurdles that caused us to stumble!