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NOIRPOLITAN is centered around the principles of Safety, Unity, and Civility.  It is woven into everything we design, the decisions we make, and the even the colors we choose.  Our principles are our guideposts- our bumper rails.  They keep us looking toward the future by keeping us on a forward path.

PRSVR, The Designer Brand, is Urban American Luxury. The name itself stands for the fundamentals of perseverance: Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect. These fundamentals are shown through fabric selection, color stories, and functional design.

These two Black Owned Businesses joined forces to create a stylish, functional, and conscious design : The SHADES Puzzle Cube.

One part art, one part puzzle : the perfect corporate gift! 

- this 3x3 Cube reflects the shades of humanity and blends into any decor.

Place it on your desk, bedside table, or in the bathroom for a beautiful and beneficial distraction. And it comes with its own collectors box that looks just like the cube, to make it an instant keepsake! (trust us, you'll want one to rock and one to stock)

Create a whole vibe with the floating display stand!

Designed in Los Angeles.


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