Quality Ripped Jeans

The Difference between Quality Ripped Up Jeans and Expensive Distressed Jeans, is an article that could be written about the Valley Denim by Persevere Clothing.  With just enough stretch to be able to bend down to re-tie a shoe, these premium weight denim still maintains its shape.  

In both a clean and dirty version, choose your level of distressing. For both Men and Women. By US Fashion House Persevere Clothing.

Expensive Distressed Jeans – Your Next Fashion Statement!


Persevere Lifestyle is a private fashion house that renders exclusively designed luxurious lifestyle products to suit your personal style. Check out our latest repertoire of uber stylish jeans to redefine fashion.Jeans have been a prime choice for men and women since it was first made. From comfort, protection to fashion our distressed jeans provide you just about everything.

Western style expensive distressed jeans have definitely been one of the most popular choices when it comes to men and women jeans. We are a close-knit exquisite fashion brand providing one-of-a-kind style and clothing choices for our esteemed clients. Our jeans definitely give you a fashion sense like no other.

Varied styles to choose from!

Our jeans category has varied styles and intricate patterns that are distinctive and unique that makes you look good and stylish no matter what you are doing. Our distressed jeans are the ultimate fashion statement that you will make. They are versatile and comfortable so that means you are able to wear them around anywhere.

Durability is one of the key traits that our jeans have which makes them worthwhile investment in your wardrobe. Our clothing line is exclusively inspired from the luxurious automotive brands. Our jeans just give you that hip look that are aiming for!

We take special care in providing you pair of jeans that perfectly suits your body type and fits you exactly the way you like. You will have a superb look when you pair our western style jeans with just a pair of classic shoes and a plain t-shirt or our luxury jackets.

Mixing and matching styles

Mixing and matching fashion choices with these jeans is really gratifying and you have varied designs that you can use. Distressed jeans are the perfect type of jeans to try for your happening parties and casual encounters.

Our quality ripped up jeans come in various shades and have varied styles and patterns to suit your personal style and add an edge to your overall look.You need to find and select a pair that suits your individual style the most and in which you are most comfortable in.

The ordinary cut jeans are plain dull boring which may not be enough for many that's why we have luxuriously designed distressed jeans. So, having such a pair of jeans in your wardrobe is actually a great way to mix style and class in your look. Persevere Lifestyle is a premier an exclusive fashion house best known for its range of superior lifestyle products.