Boomerang 2.0 (Black)


Every statement deserves to be heard! The Boomerang coat is no different. An offering often omitted when it comes to brands born of the culture, our connection to some of the more elevated designs comes from the balance needed when amongst so many different environments. From the block to the bank, the Boomerang is big business!


  • Double faced Wool/Cashmere Blend
  • Your choice of Removable Fox Shawl Collar
  • Full-Length Sleeves
  • Designated closure options
  • Dual Interior Pockets


Editors Note: The Block to the Bank is not just a clever way to present what one may have to do in a day. The Boomerang coat is an item that I've been personally able to see transcend color, economic position, and age. EVERYONE loves it. We wanted to show the ability to change your whole outfit, or outlook with just adding one item..and it worked! This is one of our most important pieces, and we are excited to continue to make it better!

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