Weekly Picks

A Note from Brandon & Margaret Williamson, Designers and Owners of PRSVR:

"Our goal is to create the pieces that give you that extra boost of confidence as you step into that next Big Moment!  These are our current Must-Wear-Everyday pieces that will allow you to make an impact and take your mind off of What To Wear."

-Brandon and Margaret Williamson

  1. The PRESII Fedora Hat: Don't let a bad hair day or missed cut keep you from attending that special event! Just add a PRESII Hat and having them talking TO you instead of ABOUT you! Click the title to see how we both wore them to Eric Bellinger's Private Concert
  2. The Stash Box Bag: Margaret here...This is part of my daily routine. Such an easy way to hold my essentials PLUS a couple “wish I had’s” (like a diaper, or a credit card reader 😀) See how I use it as an extra hand!
  3. The Elevators: Sometimes there just aren't enough hours to use 9 of them for sleep! These new oversized, lightweight frames are the perfect way to change a deficit into a positive.  Now, everyone will overlook the dark circles as they check out the hand carved stems! And they look great on Him and on Her!

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