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LA Power Collective Collection

LA Power Collective Collection

In partnership with Woman-Owned American Design House PRSVR, we have created limited edition LA Power Collective wearables.  These designs not only help us spread the message stylishly, The Power Collective gets 20% Cashback of every purchase!                      

Shipping: Production is done on-demand and delivered to your door within 7-12 business days.

Your purchase goes to grow the Power Collective and spread the message. Thank You for being you and using yourself as a platform for positive change.

The Power Collective LA’s programming and networking is designed to reignite our ambitions and influence. It will spotlight leaders in LA across Entertainment, finance and tech and feature various music and comedy artists in the program.

PRSVR is a family owned, elevated American Designer Brand for those who follow their passions. Those who write their own rules. Those who face obstacles—and fearlessly persevere.