Dress Moccasin (Royal)

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A new style, created directly from our Design House, The Dress Moccassin is equal parts street couture, and native son. Having grown up in a heavily Native American themed and influenced city in Michigan, the story of Native American culture heavily shaped the exposure designer Brandon Williamson was able to consume. 

“The Dress Moccassin is important to my story as a Designer for many reasons. Most importantly, the lone Black Business in my community was a Barbershop that also did shoe repair. That’s where we took our wallys to get dipped at. Additionally, Michigan has great communities of native Americans, and it was always so empowering to see how they united to handle issues to concerned their people. They didn’t allow anyone to show them disrespect, and that stuck with me and allowed me to dig deeper into what unified them, instead of what separated them. 

• Made to Order within 10-15 business days; can be customized for a wider foot/half sizes/etc. 

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