A/W 2017

Within the PRSVR movement, the Fall Season is known as DESTINATION.  Over the past 5 years, each DESTINATION Collection has prepared us for a new level., and this time we are ready for W.A.R.

When we initially launched the brand in 2012, we had a great opportunity with the editor of a huge publication. We sent him a few sample pieces, and everything seemed to be lining up. Then it didn't happen...we asked for feedback, and he simply typed "You guys aren't ready."

The connotation of W.A.R. stands for We. Are. Ready.  It is based around us stepping up to all challenges, and letting our work, and designs speak for itself. It is to prepare ourselves and our clients for the city terrain and for the many weapons that will attempt to form against us.  

We welcome you to experience We Are Ready!!


c. Designer/CEO, Brandon Williamson

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