An intimate conversation with the owners of PRSVR

An intimate conversation with the owners of PRSVR

Tens years ago this September, on a living room floor in the Midwest, a group of new partners set out change the world - through fashion and philanthropy. The brand was called Persevere, spelled out PRSVR. An elevated lifestyle that would cater to corporate entrepreneurs and specialize in leather. 

Fast forward a decade later, and so much has changed from what was supposed to be and what we even thought was possible. It has truly been a study of perseverance, and a masterclass in pushing the limits of independent business, while growing a family. 

These are the stories of perseverance, as told by the married Designer and CEO of PRSVR, Brandon and Margaret Williamson.

The Beginning. 2012.

Margaret is wearing the Pyramid Polo and Luxury Leather Track Pants.

Brandon is wearing the Denim Leisure Jacket, Driving Tee, and Distressed Valley Denim.

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