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The Tiger Teeth Trucker Jacket

An exercise in controlled controversy.  They say A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, and this image is no exception.  We wrestled with whether or not to release it, as we have all watched brands make huge mistakes out of ignorance.  We did not want to follow those footsteps.  So we asked, and we prayed, and we waited.  

Now, it is time for you to decide for yourself: "What does this image say to you?"

@Margaretawilliamson: "To me, it is an immediate reminder that the Power is in the Tongue.  What I choose to speak over my life, is the life I'm creating."

@rulethethrone: "It comes off as edgy to me, there's a message and grit to a razor blade in ur mouth and PRSVR on the logo."

@sharonmedley: "I find anything depicting women in a sexual way demeaning - you can say it's not sexual, but then why use a woman?"

@laurencwhite_: "I thought of like this bad A woman who's strong, independent and determined.  it was immediately empowering! I love it!"

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prsvr elevators

The innovative design of The Elevators was inspired by the designers Detroit Roots, and desire to make the proper adjustment from the inspiration received. The power and strength of the natural Ebony wood used for the temples originates from the specifics of its ecosystem.

Having been grown in a swamp like atmosphere, the Ebony wood is grown in water since its origination. This pairing allows for the wood to have a natural Resilience and sturdiness not shown on other LUX temples we've seen. The wood was later finished, and treated for finishing capabilities. Not painted, as we want the natural feel and texture of the wood to take on its new form during you wearing these works of art.

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